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Nissan Formula E Team


Created in 2014, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship is the world’s only all-electric single-seater series. Taking place near cultural and historical landmarks in some of the world’s most beautiful cities such as Cape Town, London, Paris, Rome and New York. The calendar changes every year, with new locations being added all the time. The 2023 season has 16 races in total, making the thrilling sport of racing more accessible and inclusive, compared to any other conventional format in existence.

Nissan Formula E Team

Nissan made its all-electric racing debut in Season 5 (2018/19) of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, becoming the first and only Japanese manufacturer to enter the series.
As Nissan forges ahead with vehicle electrification, the Formula E series is a perfect way to showcase the commitment to a future of zero emission driving. Nissan currently offers all-electric and plug in hybrid vehicles across passenger, cross over, SUV and even LCV ranges; with the recent introduction of Nissan e-Power being hailed as the next step in making electrification a reality, on the roads.

Nissan Formula E Cars
Nissan Formula E Car
Nissan Formula E Car
Nissan Formula E Car

Because the race cars are 100% electric, both the noise and air pollution created by traditional combustion engines is eliminated. This also means that races are not confined to traditional race tracks on the outskirts of city limits; instead, the action can be brought into city centres, on cordoned-off public roads that are turned into race tracks.

Nissan Formula E Car
Nissan Formula E Car

11 teams and 22 drivers make up the grid, including some of the world’s biggest automotive brands.
The series revolves around three principles: Energy, Environment and Entertainment, combining engineering, technology, sport, science, design, music and excitement to offers so much more than the thrilling race on the day. The sport is showcased worldwide, with 381 million people tuning in for the 2022 season. Local races of these 350kW race cars not only bring the action to within metres of fans of all ages, but they also contribute to local investment each time the chequered flag is waved. More than 600kW of power can be harnessed by a Formula E car throughout a race, with a sustainability goal of a nett carbon neutral outcome at each event.

Formula E uses a unique single-day format to cause minimal disruption to the city it is racing in. Starting with two 30-minute free practice sessions, the drivers are then split into two groups for the first part of Qualifying. The top four from each group then progress into a series of duels to battle for pole position. The race lasts 45 minutes +1 lap, in which drivers must use the exclusive Attack Mode feature whereby an extra 30kW power boost is rewarded for driving through an off-line activation zone (the number of activations and length of the boost is determined by the FIA prior to each event). Five drivers can also benefit from FanBoost, an extra burst of power voted for by the fans, live while the race is happening, which sees the cars reach speeds of up to 320km/hr. A bonus point is available for the driver who sets the fastest lap, culminating in a World Title at the end of the season.

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